Scope Mono Mask

Scope Mono Mask

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ZEAGLE - Scope Mono Mask

With Scope Mono, seeing truly is believing. Its wide field of vision gives the precision to focus on every underwater moment in full panoramic view. Low-volume, large nose pocket silicone provides comfort even in the narrowest of spaces, while its simple, over-molded frameless design ensures a smooth dive from the moment the descent begins.

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  • Low volume, large nose pocket where wide field of vision meets comfort
  • Over-molded frameless design is hard-wearing for tough conditions
  • Soft-touch silicone face seal provides optimal comfort
  • Silicone and elastic strap color options to colorize for every style
  • One-button thumb-operated buckle for simple and easy adjustments on the fly
  • Superior airbox package: 2 positions to keep dry and repel moisture
  • Snorkel Keeper to conveniently keep your mask and snorkel together
  • Folds flat making it the perfect backup or travel mask
  • Available as a dual lens: Scope Dual